The ASE 2020 Project

Ep 5: Andrea Heath - Onstage Entertainment

May 13, 2020 trevor connell Season 1 Episode 5
The ASE 2020 Project
Ep 5: Andrea Heath - Onstage Entertainment
Show Notes

Andrea is a girl who likes to party.  Fortunately she is the Managing Director of Onstage Entertainment so she gets to design the entertainment for fabulous parties – mostly for her clients, but sometimes for her own amusement.

Andrea’s memories from school in suburban Brisbane include the “royal flush” and appearing in the school musical with Leigh Sales (ABC 7.30).  Appropriately Sales played Lois Lane in Superman the Musical, Andrea doesn’t reveal her character.

At 19 Andrea landed a job delivering mail in the Coca Cola Brisbane office and then went on to managing their Queensland promotional events.

Andrea turned down a job as promotions manage for a carpet company to instead work for Onstage Entertainment – of which she is now co-owner. 

Have a listen and let Andrea entertain (and inform) you.

Read about some of the events mentioned by Andrea.

SENSE-US shows off new venue, décor and entertainment

SenseUs 2014 sizzles at Brisbane Powerhouse

SenseUs 2016 upscales and shines at BCEC

Event report: SenseUs 2019 appropriates the inappropriate

MEA does a Silent Rave

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