The ASE 2020 Project

Ep 7: Lena Malouf - My spectacular career

May 26, 2020 Trevor Connell / Lena Malouf Season 1 Episode 7
The ASE 2020 Project
Ep 7: Lena Malouf - My spectacular career
Show Notes

Lena Malouf grew up in Canowindra in regional NSW and learned retail from her shopkeeper parents.

Engaged at 18, married at 19, then starting a business with three young children Lena had to be resourceful.

We follow her career from opening a floristry business in Wollongong in 1957 to teaching at Ultimo TAFE, then back into a floristry business that thrived in Sydney with contracts for the major hotels along with weddings – including that of Elton John to Renate Blauel in 1984.

During this time Lena also turned to writing books on floristry.

While in the US at a conference Lena met Angelo Bonito who convinced her to start a chapter of the International Special Events Society (ISES) in Australia.  Lena reached out to others who were producing or providing services for events (including myself) and within a couple of years we had a fully operational chapter that lasted for 25 years. 

Lena Malouf farewell to ISES Sydney chapter

Lena opens up about the time in 2002 when she found herself on the front page of the SMH – for all the wrong reasons!

When you lose $21m, it must be party time

These days Lena still keeps in touch with the industry and the people in it.  
Lena is a regular golfer and was chuffed to tell me in the interview that she won the competition the previous week and the prize was a parrot driver cover, it will be called Alan (listen to the podcast).

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