The ASE 2020 Project

Ep 18: Darryl Lovegrove

July 25, 2021 Trevor Connell / Darryl Lovegrove Season 1 Episode 18
The ASE 2020 Project
Ep 18: Darryl Lovegrove
Show Notes

Darryl Lovegrove is a singer and an entrepreneur.  His singing career started in the school choir – he featured as a soloist on a recording made by the choir.

Darryl went on to be a pop singer and appeared in many musical theatre productions. 

When his flatmate (photographer and opera singer Mark Bradley) was asked to put together a piece for a corporate event he asked Darryl if he knew any opera, Darryl had actually learned one piece for a play he had unsuccessfully auditioned for. This time he passed the audition.

The gig was at an event managed by Romaine Pereira and involved posing as waiters and occasionally breaking into song. That gig led to the formation of the most successful corporate entertainment act in the world – The Three Waiters.

But this is not just the story of The Three Waiters.  Darryl eventually sold his share in that business and launched out on his own, creating new corporate entertainment and launching the career of his daughter, Harmony.

When COVID hit, all work in the events industry dried up so Darryl went back to his teaching degree for financial support and started writing a book about his life, The Three Waiters and being an entrepreneur. 

Why haven’t I heard of you? By Darryl Lovegrove is available as a hard copy or e-book

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